This is the year of travel

I remember being very disappointed just over a year ago at discovering that my flight privileges would soon be over. My entire life I have boarded planes at no expense because I am the daughter of a pilot, and now….well now I am just too old to count for that anymore.

Kansas City was the last place I flew to in March of 2014, and I really had no idea then what lay in store for me a summer later. My heart has been set on two really big things for a while, and now I am finally going to see them happen.

#1: I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Europe. Always. I have been saving money for such a trip since I was 18. At the end of last summer I knew I really wanted to make it happen this summer, but I knew/still know almost nothing about frugally tugging myself around foreign countries. Some people can send themselves over with a backpack, and that’s great. I admire them, but I’m honestly too scared to do it myself. But who knows? Maybe one day..

Anyways, I did all this research and came across this wonderful site: EF College Break. Everything has been really great so far preparing for the trip and really NOT expensive. It looks really promising, but this is also my first experience traveling with them, so I’ll let you know how it goes when I get back.

All that being said, TOMORROW I will be getting on a plane and be spending the next 10 days in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and a little bit of Austria!!! Way too excited for words.

#2: I want to be fluent in Spanish. This led me to my next big decision…next month I will be moving to Chile.


Yes, you heard me right. Chile. In South America. SO many things to say about this, but alas, I am still packing, finishing up a certification course, and contacting schools before my flight tomorrow. More on this later.



2 thoughts on “This is the year of travel

  1. Hi Heidi,
    How Exciting and I can’t wait for updates and pictures. Am I reading this right…YOU HAVE MOVED TO CHILE??? REALLY?


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